Explain about the jdbc

d. As long as java is used in business application, it has to communicate with the databases, since the data is always present in the database.
A DBMS cannot understand a java program and vice-versa.
DBMS only understands SQL and Java only understands its method calls.
Java’s power is in its method calls, C-language power is in its function calls etc.
This is a heterogeneous environment i.e., java and database have no commonness among them. To move this communication possible, we have to go for JDBC.
Even C, C++, .NET and other application development languages can can not to the database. Hence it is the responsibility of these languages or technologies to communicate with database, but the reverse is not true.
Java is a language, but is also technology majority of java is technology and language is minor part. Core Java is to lean the Java Language. using only Core java, Business Applications cannot be developed.
java Environment and database environment is different. In spite of such heterogeneity, Java and Database communication should happened in a business Application.
What is JDBC?
JDBC is s service Technology from sun micro Systems that enables any kind of Java program to communicate with any kind of database in standard manner.
Any kind of java program, public state void main programs, servelet program, EJB program, applet program etc.
Any kind of Database, Oracle, MS-Access, My SQL, Base, etc
JDBC is an API
JDBC is a specification.
Without JDBC, no java program can communicate with database. JDBC is not a software not a language, it is technology in a java program. method call is done and an SQL statement is passed a string argument. This method call is not directly passed to database. it is passed to the driver. this driver is a tool which handles method call and hands over the SQL statement to database. The data returned by the database is again taken by driver and is handed over to java program. This is in general how a database and java program connection is established.Client Java Application:
What is Client?
a. person is a End User.
b. Computer is Client Machine
c. Program: In programming terminology i.e., software terminology, any software or program that makes a request either for resources or data is a program that grants its services to a client program is server.

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