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Janatha Garage 26 Days Collections, Janatha Garage 27 Days Collections

Janatha Garage 26 Days Collections / Janatha Garage 27 Days Collections : Junior NTR’s dream full filled with Janatha Garage movie which got more than 135 Crores at box office in 26 days. Garage Janatha 26th Day Box Office Collection brings his total of 25 days and 26 days AP / T State revenues at an incredible profit. As we have said, our previous article I, the film achieved a total profit of Rs 58.04 crore to 24 days. Coming on the day extra income, he saw a small rise on the 4th Sunday when huge drop in the 4th Monday. Telugu film has an excellent company in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana State and grabbed the first position winning the highest income in 2016 among all other films. Computing its international income Jyo Achyutananda still reigns foreign theaters and international brands Janatha income Garage Rs 11.96 crore up to 23 days.

The film made numerous records at the box office so far and goes to cross 2 million in overseas as well, but there is less likely to cross this income as he made a total of 1,793 business. $ 222. The film still needs $ 206,888. Now Janatha Garage Day 25 collection marks a total business of Rs 29 lakes bringing his total income of Rs 59.33 crore approx. Whereas fourth Monday saw a huge drop, Janatha Garage box office 26th day showed extremely low activity in AP / T brand and Rs 0.11 crore approx. taking its total income almost 59 crores.

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Therefore, Janatha Garage 26 days total collection made a profit of Rs 59.44 crore so far. According to initial trends, the film will run for a week, then it will end its theatrical run. Coming out of his total income, he crossed 129 crore which is one of the highest gross income from all Telugu films. Baahubali and Srimanthudu are two films that have captured the first and second position in the global list of the highest grosser.

Janatha Garage 26 Days Collections, Janatha Garage 27 Days Collections
Janatha Garage 26 Days Collections, Janatha Garage 27 Days Collections

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