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Shivaay 6th Day Collection, 6 Days Collections

Shivaay 6th Day Collection / Shivaay 6 Day Collection / Shivaay 6 Days Collections / Shivaay Total Box Office CollectionsAjay Devgn Shivaay made a copy of box office performance in the last 6 days. Shivay collection had eliminated many of box office records of the actor. The collection of Shivay was higher than that of any other film Ajay Devgn during weekdays. Despite partial holiday on Monday and Tuesday, the film is produced in large numbers. Response worldwide was just great and the film received the answer if necessary this week. Figures from the collection Shivay Monday and Tuesday had also saved the sinking ship. Ajay Devgn dream project turned out to be the biggest ever output superstar.

Shivaay 6th Day Collection, 6 Days Collections

Shivaay 6th Day Collection, 6 Days Collections
Shivaay 6th Day Collection, 6 Days Collections

The film remained strong in the main centers for collections of Shivay. Different theaters had changed the film to spit between the two major releases, but it was observed that almost 70% of total screens in India had Shivaay banner on top. The film had not only created a great impression on revenues of bollywood box office, but also showed the power of simple screens on multiplexes. Until now, it was believed that Multiplexes are good for the box office, because they constitute the largest number of screens and theaters, but this had been proven false with the Shivay collection. Among the wise of the city report, it has been widely observed that Shivay remains favorite of rural public on the competitor.


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