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Moh Maya Money Movie Review Rating, Story, Public Talk, Live Updates

Moh Maya Money Review / Moh Maya Money Movie Review / Moh Maya Money Rating / Moh Maya Money Movie RatingA young realtor with loose morals tries to make a scam. He fails and things get very ugly as he has to resort to sinister means, with his wife, to do things right. Aman (Ranvir Shorey) is a glib speaking real estate agent who wants to make it big. He does all kinds of business, black and white and sees a lot of money exchanging hands, but all he gets is a very small piece of action. He wants a bigger piece of pie and is willing to cheat his own business to get that. His wife Divya (Neha Dhupia), a news producer discourages, but he hides his plans from her. His game ends badly and reveals everything to Divya. He shows her vulnerable side to her, but Divya is too emotionally detached to play along. Yet, it does and the emotional price it pays is great.

Moh Maya Money Movie Review Rating, Story, Public Talk, Live Updates

Moh Maya Money Movie Review Rating, Story, Public Talk, Live Updates
Moh Maya Money Movie Review Rating, Story, Public Talk, Live Updates

Ranvir Shorey has played characters from Delhi in his previous films, and as always, it’s a joy to watch him play. It is a total foam but capable of loving disinterested. It is a product of its environment where a sharply drawn scam is a job well done. As his plans grow darker, we see the terrified human side toward him and sympathize with him. Neha Dhupia like Divya just about holds her own as a cold woman and calculator because her character is written so well. While her world is white, the secrets she’s gone to are just as dark, if not more, than her husband. But when she realizes the emotional toll that life takes on her, made for an interesting watch.

The story is built fairly well and allows you to guess. The twists are interesting, unexpected and add to the story. It has a non-linear narrative, but it is not difficult to follow. However, the loose ends could have been tied well, and the end leaves you wanting more. Moh Maya Money is a well-made crime thriller, where characters can deceive each other but you will definitely get the value of your money.

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