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Dhruva 3rd Day Collection, 3 Days Collections

Dhruva 3rd Day Collection / Dhruva 3 Days Collections : The recent television film by Surprise Reddy, Dhrouva, spent his first opening weekend at the box office on an excellent note throughout the world. It starred Ram Charan very popular and Rakul Preet Singh in lead roles and witnessed the immense excitement of their fans. Because of its very exciting content, the film impressed everyone and received an overwhelming response across the country as well as abroad.

Dhruva 3rd Day Collection, 3 Days Collections

Dhruva 3rd Day Collection, 3 Days Collections
Dhruva 3rd Day Collection, 3 Days Collections

From critics too, Dhruva has received very positive reviews and marked as the year of one of the most exciting Telugu film. It is the official remake of the film Tamil Thani Oruvan, which is also appreciated by the Telugu audience. Ram Charan receives enormous appreciation from critics to give wonderful performance as an IPS officer in the film. Under these positive conditions, it is strongly expected to remain stable during the week as well.

On opening day, Dhruva recorded more than 70% of the occupation through Telugu state-Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and recorded the excellent deal of 10.50 crores away. The next day, he faced a 55% drop and managed to collect 5 crores. From Karnataka and the rest of India, the film reported activity of 4 crores and 5 crores respectively in two days. From 200 US screens, he scored over 5.50 crores until Saturday.

On the last day of the weekend, ie Sunday, Dhruva experienced a decent jump in his occupation and added the amount of 6.25 crores * to his AP / T account. With that, his collection Opening weekend became 21.75 crores Net (26.85 crores crude). Also its has grossed more than 50 crores at the world box office in 3 days of release.


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