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Dhruva 5 Days Collection

Dhruva 5 Days Collection / Dhruva 5th Day CollectionAfter a formidable opening, Telugu’s recent bid Dhruva is constantly heading to the box office in its dominated regions – Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Being superstar Ram Charan and Rakul Preet Singh starrer, he was released with an immense excitement of fans and received very positive reviews from critics. As the expected audience also reacted in his complete favor and showing big thumbs up for it.

Dhruva 5 Days Collection

Dhruva 5 Days Collection
Dhruva 5 Days Collection

Dhruva is an official Telugu remake of the film Tamil Thani Oruvan in 2015 and is directed by one of Tollywood’s most promising directors, Surrender Reddy. As an IPS officer, Ram Charan gave a very impactful performance in the film and is praised by everyone. With strong word of mouth, this action thriller gets re-established on weekdays as well.

In the opening weekend, Dhruva recorded an excellent occupation through out and made the deal of 21.75 crores of the Telugu AP / T states, this was included 10.50 crores on Friday, 5 crores from Saturday and 6.25 crores on Sunday. Now it runs on weekdays and attend fewer audiences in theaters than before. On Monday, the film faced a 40% decline on Saturday and added 3 crores to its account.

Then the next day, Tuesday, Dhruva reported more drops and hit the amount of about 2.50 crores * to make his AP of 5 days / total collection T like 27.25 crores *. Not only from India, but in the United States as well, it received a fairly good response and made the deal from 6.68 crores away until Monday. The film has already reported more than 50 crores on the worldwide box office.


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