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Ameerpet Lo Movie Review Rating

Ameerpet Lo Movie Review / Ameerpetalo Movie ReviewMaruthi directed Ee Rojullo and Sampath Nandi directed Yemaindi Ee Vela inspired many directors aspiring to make actors young actors with limited budgets. Ameerpet Lo is also promoted as a youth leader. Let’s see if the director-actor P Srinivas managed to manage the two departments. A lot of friends comes to Ameerpet in Hyderabad to join different software courses to reach jobs in IT companies. Vivek (P Srinivas) in the lot wants to pursue a career in action, so he regularly visits several directors and various production houses. Libu (Siva Sai Praneeth), Venkat Rao and Chitti are her roommates.

Ameerpet Lo Movie Review Rating

Ameerpet Lo Movie Review Rating
Ameerpet Lo Movie Review Rating

On the other hand, Vennela (Mounika), Sonia and Mamatha are roommates in a ladies’ hostel. While Vennela works in an IT company, the other two join a software sleeping center. Meanwhile, love flourishes between Vivek – Vennela and Libu – Sonia. One day, Vennela seeks all her friends to help accomplish a mission that really shocks them. What is the mission? Will Vennela’s friends help her accomplish her mission? The film begins with the voice of the director who says, this film has no heroes or heroines in it. Yes it is true; Neither P Srinivas resembles a hero, nor Mounika is a heroine material. Siva Sai Prasad who played Sri’s friend was innocent. Tilak, Sri’s other friend in the film was funny. He provided laughs in the interview sequence, which is one of the best parts of the film. Other artists were just ok.

Ameerpet Lo Movie Complete Review From Critics :

Plus Points :

  1. Message to youngsters
  2. 2 Songs
  3. Sentiments
  4. Comedy

Minus Points :

  1. Slow narration
  2. predictable story

Final Word : Ameerpet Lo is a Hilarious youth entertainer film with a heart-touching message.


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