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Sundaranga Jaana Movie Review Rating

Sundaranga Jaana Review / Sundaranga Jaana Movie Review : The film reached the screens all around Karnataka after the success of Ganesh’s “Mungaru Male 2”, and as a result, most theaters in Karnataka witness a huge rush for shows early in the morning. Shanvi Srivastava is the female leader in this film, while the supporting star cast includes, Devaraj, Ravishankar Gowda and Ragayana Raghu.

Sundaranga Jaana Movie Review Rating

Sundaranga Jaana Movie Review Rating
Sundaranga Jaana Movie Review Rating

“Sundaranga Jaana” is the remake of Telugu blockbuster “Bhale Bhale Madigovy” who had Nani in the lead role. The spinal cord of “Sundaranga Jaana” is the stellar performance of Cool Star Ganesh. The actor excelled the role of an absent-minded botanist who has a rare mental condition. He usually distracts easily while doing anything, and he creates problems both in his personal and professional life.

As an actor, Ganesh realized much better than Nani who made the role in the original film. It was pure pleasure to watch Ganesh in comedy scenes, and some of his mannerisms will make you laugh loudly. Shanvi Srivastava looked cute, and his chemistry with Ganesh was excellent. Veteran filmmaker Ramesh Aravind is known for the craftsmanship of movies as a river flowing towards the hearts of the audience. When it comes to “Sundaranga Jaana”, the director repeated the same magic and delivered a real jewel of a film.

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