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Pittagoda Movie Review Rating

Pittagoda Review / Pittagoda Movie Review :  Pittagoda is a comedian from the ages animator of four good for nothing guys who spend all day sitting on the wall! It is a story of friendship and love established in Godavarikhani in the state of Telangana. Featuring Punarnavi Bhupalam and thirty other new artists, Newcomer Anudeep is the director. “This is a two-hour film about the life story of four young people, the hero’s love interest, there is no message as such. Of Telangana, but it has a dialect of Karimnagar .. Slang is very informal and warm “says Anoudeep Ram mohan of the glory of Uyyala Jampala producing this small budget film.

Pittagoda Movie Review Rating

Pittagoda Movie Review Rating
Pittagoda Movie Review Rating

Today, Nani Hails film Pittagoda was released with full excitement. The morning shows were over. The viewers of the first show say that the film’s story is effective and good and say that they will also love to watch it again. The filmmakers say, Pittagoda is an entertaining story of love and friendship and viewers definitely like the story of the film. The film drew enormous attention when actor Nani Hails said, “Just watched #PittaGoda … This is a very sweet film with his heart in the right place .. Go watch it” on twitter. Actor Nani Hails gets big thumbs up viewers for the Pittagoda.Commerce analyst and critics also gave the positive answer.Such reaction from enthusiastic critics stimulated the power of excitement of the fans and they were waiting to watch the Film The first glance and the movie trailer have already grasped the heartbeat of the fans.He can easily notice, the film is a completely fun based drama.The filmmaker expects the right answer at the box office .

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