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Dangal 5th Day Collection

Dangal 5th Day Collection : Dangal 5th Day Collection The first trends suggest that Dangal has a great start on Tuesday. There is a very limited drop in the morning shows from Friday which means that Dangal 5th day collection will be very stable. Again, there will be growth in the evening that can take the total from today to yesterday. See the Dangal Collection Update below. Aamir Khan starrer has a limited drop in the morning shows. The overall occupation was in the 50% range which is almost identical to yesterday. The north of India continues to move on Tuesday, as it has even increased in some places. Especially the simple screens and masses that were underperforming in the first two days, have resumed the rhythm from Sunday. This is great news because you need pan-India support if the film is to become coarser of all time.

Dangal 5th Day Collection

Dangal 5th Day Collection
Dangal 5th Day Collection

Word-of-mouth was great, this kind of expectation can be expected. Interestingly, the movie was already stable on Monday because it went into overdrive mode so that it can go anywhere from here as the lifetime is concerned. Ticket rates are returning to normal in some places while they are still hiked in others. Today the Dangal collection will again benefit from the festive season and Wednesday may be the first normal day that can give us a clue as to how far this film can go.

With regard to the first trends, Dangal 5th day of collection will again cross 20 crore mark. It may be close to the figure of yesterday if the noon and evening hours of occupation are the same. Dangal collected 25 crores on Monday which indicated a strong hold. With this kind of catch, it can go anywhere from here. We will continue to update this page with occupation reports. Also tell us what are your opinions on Dangal Day 5 box office collection update in the comments section.


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