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Dangal 7th Day Collection, 1st Week Collection

Dangal 7th Day Collection / Dangal 1st Week Collection : Dangal has a very good start Thursday with a limited drop compared to yesterday. The film is now near the end of its first week and the Dangal collection held very well during the week. In fact, the hold is record breaking as it set records for non-holiday movies on weekdays. Here is the collection report of Dangal 7th day. The morning shows were solid as the occupation was in the 40% range. There is a slight decrease in the multiplexes, but the simple screens are stable. Over the past four days, individual screens have not dropped much, but in fact it has increased in some places. They did not open better on weekends and many, but that the film will be driven by multiplex only. But they come on board from Sunday. As we reported a few days ago you need pan-India appreciation for a lot and Dangal did the same. Now the only question will be how big it will be. It retained most of the screens during the second week, which will benefit the Dangal collection, although the number of shows will be reduced.

Dangal 7th Day Collection, 1st Week Collection

Dangal 7th Day Collection, 1st Week Collection
Dangal 7th Day Collection, 1st Week Collection

Today is the last day of the week and we have seen in the past that movies tend to have more than the usual drop on Thursday. But this may not be the case with Dangal as it is one of the best word of mouth in recent times. This means that the collection of Dangal on Thursday will not be a significant drop. Dangal showed good trends in the midday shows. There is growth since the occupation has increased to 50%. The film is once again set for a healthy day at the box office. It is the best trend movie recently. Dangal collected more than 176 crore in the first six days. Today, it will become the only second film in 2016 to beat the Jungle Book Lifetime collection after Sultan. We will continue to update this page with the latest reports. So bookmark it and continue to visit. Also, tell us what you think about Dangal Day 7 box office collection update in the comments section.


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