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Khaidi No 150 2nd Day Collection, 2 Days Collections

Khaidi No 150 2nd Day Collection / Khaidi No 150 2 Days CollectionsThe battle at the box office is ready. The mega battle at the Telugu wicket finally began. The euphoria Mega that attracted Telugu audiences worked well as per the initial reports of the counters. After announcing the release date of the rebound film of Chiranjeevi Khaidi No 150, the creators have increased the scope and speed of promotions that really succeeded in much. The film conveys an exceptional buzz among the people gathering and all pre release business has touched close to 90 crores now. The pre-release buzz helped the film to record strong box-office collections.

Khaidi No 150 2nd Day Collection, 2 Days Collections

Khaidi No 150 2nd Day Collection, 2 Days Collections
Khaidi No 150 2nd Day Collection, 2 Days Collections

The show recordings are arranged everywhere throughout the Telugu states and the main day numbers will be gigantic. Abroad, Khaidi No 150 has a tough task to win back the initial investment. With the AMC – Carmike late merger, the overseas distribution structure has changed and it becomes more difficult for wholesalers to see benefits at overseas box office. Record markets in international and domestic markets are expected. The collections will certainly increase the hype around the film which is a big boost.

Khaidi No 150 was sold for 10 Crores overseas (7.5 Crores in the US and 2.5 Crores in the rest of the United States). Khaidi No 150 is expected to raise nearly $ 2.3 million – $ 2.6 million to recover the initial investment. Also, when it comes to India, in both Telugu countries, the film really did well at the box office and the film helped to score big. The collections of a day in Telugu countries is expected in a way that the film seta new recordofNon Baahibali films.
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