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Khaidi No 150 7 Days Collections, 7th Day Collection

Khaidi No 150 7 Days Collections / Khaidi No 150 7th Day Collection : Chiranjeevi previous film released in 2007, which was Shankar Dada Zindabad an action thriller received 65-75% occupation in comparison and so it is safe to say that Chiranjeevi has braked his own records. The viewers who watched Khaidi No 150 on 7 have already begun giving their thumbs and positive word of mouth and recommending to all others to see the dual power action thriller packaged. The film receives a positive reaction from critics and everyone enjoyed the serious role of Chiranjeevi in the film which is a strong message giving the film. Khaidi No 150 is bound to impress the Indian audience based on the issue of suicide farmers due to the encroachment of enterprises. Most likely the movie will soon be at the 1st position in the 2017 box office list.

Khaidi No 150 7 Days Collections, 7th Day Collection

Khaidi No 150 7 Days Collections
Khaidi No 150 7 Days Collections

Obtained a tremendous response from the United States and the United Kingdom especially on the first day that make a very important film for us all, United States only film made a big business in 7 days with a total of Rs.15.051 crores and The total collection abroad in 7 days is Rs. 73.98 crores. Khaidi No 150 world collection over seven days is Rs. 9.16 crores. Like, the film gets fairly good words from the mouth and good reviews, which will be good point for the box office collection. Khaidi No 150 Collections on the 7th day in India should be more because of the good collection at the box office on day 7 and very good star. Khaidi 150 film collected Rs.129.33 crores in 7 days of its release.


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