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Kaabil 4th Day Collection, 4 Day Box Office Collection

Kaabil 4th Day Collection / Kaabil 4th Day Occupancy / Kaabil 4 Day Collection : Kaabil who began slowly at the box office, has gained momentum over the past few days. But there is still plenty of terrain to recover that is difficult due to the lower number of screens. The film has a good start on Saturday too. Take a look at the Kaabil 4th day collection report. The film had about 40-45% occupancy in the morning shows which is about 10% higher than yesterday. Growth has been mainly in multiplexes that perform better than yesterday. The multiplexes of Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi showed good growth and very good yield. The simple screens remained below the mark on Saturday and it is likely that they will struggle there. Advance booking is good for evening shows, which means that the Kaabil collection will have good growth today.

Kaabil 4th Day Collection, 4 Day Box Office Collection

Kaabil 4th Day Collection, 4 Day Box Office Collection
Kaabil 4th Day Collection, 4 Day Box Office Collection

It will resume with the passage of the day that the content is multiplex-friendly. Today is a very important day for Kaabil, as he needs a huge turnaround to survive in the very-hyped confrontation. It has the potential to show great growth in the evening when the family audience will come in good numbers. But the jump should be extraordinary, which does not seem an easy task Kaabil showed a very good growth in the midday shows as the occupation is within the range of 55-60%. There is a potential for a big jump in the evening which is a must for Kaabil. It will be interesting to see the trend.

Going through the first trends, Kaabil will collect in the double digit figure today. It can go higher if the evening shows have greater growth that is possible. Kaabil collected about 38 crore in the first three days which is a decent number in a clash. Also, tell us what are your views on the Kaabil Day 4 update from the box office collection in the comments section.


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