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Raees 16th Day Collection, 16 Days Collections

Raees 16th Day Collection / Raees 16 Day CollectionShahrukh Khan Raees collection continues to be one of the coarsest of 2016 with an impressive extended weekend. Taking the boost at the initial opening helps the Raees collection touch the next level. Check how much SRK movie won as Raees collection 15th day on Wednesday after starting the 3rd week at the box office. Ticket prices fell, and most of the projections were also changed. It would be interesting to see how many boxes Raees totaled against the unfavorable situations. The film unfolded exceptionally well outside of India, which made it possible to exploit the best possible opportunities during a national holiday. Raees turned out no less than the Prince of Box Office.

Raees 16th Day Collection, 16 Days Collections

Raees 16th Day Collection, 16 Days Collections
Raees 16th Day Collection, 16 Days Collections

Film was not able to beat the record of Aamir Khan or Salman Khan, but turned out to be the best-ranked film of 2017 collecting more than 200 crores on the wicket. Only a few films have managed to cross the 200-crores mark in recent years, and it marks a success for producers. Check how many Raees 15th Day Collection ends at this post.

Raees 1st Day Collection of Wednesday was great due to the buzz going on, the film faced several challenges but released with a real media hype among the masses. The shock with Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil was a concern, but it did not affect the overall BO revenues of the film much. As his first day gains, the film scored 20.42 crore crore which were big considering as a start.


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