Selenium Interview Questions

Selenium Interview Questions : In this tutorial, we listed the 50 most frequently requested interview questions from Selenium, including the interview questions on Selenium Web Driver. A quick note about this series of Selenium articles before moving on to this latest tutorial: This is the latest tutorial in our Selenium online training series of 30+ complete tutorials. I hope you all enjoyed these tutorials and started to learn. If you are new here, please go to this first tutorial of this training series.

Selenium Interview Questions

Here, we will discuss some common questions of selenium interview. Selenium WebDriver is a very popular browser automation test tool and is used by many companies. When you apply for an automation tester position, it is likely that you are expected to have experience working with the selenium webdriver, so there will be questions to the interview To evaluate your knowledge of the selenium tool.

Previously, we addressed some questions about the automation of tests based on the approach of automated testing; Here the main objective is the selenium tool and what questions you will probably ask in an interview. These selenium maintenance questions are based on the selenium tutorials.


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